Intro Juice Yourself to a Healthier Lifestyle

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                                                                           WHAT WE DO

A Sample of the types of plant based foods, please go to gallery for more images 

Our handmade wraps are made with 3 ingrediants, Flax seed, Carrot and Apple with a little sprinkle of spice, they are dehydrated for 8.5 hrs, with no added preservatives or additives, dairy, gluten free.

Gluten free wrap filled with marinated beetroot with a smoked paprika garlic raw cheese

Sprouted Seeds and Quinoa salad with a Basil pesto dressing

Raw homemade chilli served salsa, raw sour cream and Guaccamole

Served with green leaves and sprouted seeds , and spiced crackers

Fresh juices......

Beet delight

Super Green

Wheatgrass shot

Raw Coffee Cheesecake

Completely Dairy, Gluten and Sugar free....

Base made from Buckwheat, Flax seed, Brazil nuts, Apricots

Filling Cashew nut, Coconut oil, Vanilla, Coffee essence, Sweetner


My journey started in 2010 the year of the heavy snow, where I injured myself by slipping on ice, I went to a physio who recommended I go to holistic nutritionist. The reason being I was obese due to bad food choices and excess alcohol.

At that time I wasn't a nice person to be around and being a chef didn't help. I was recommended to follow a program of holistic nutrition,  which I did and within 6months lost 6 stone,  made correct food choices and stopped drinking.

I continued with my healthy lifestyle and in 2013, discovered live plant based raw foods by doing a green smoothie challenge, which changed my opinion on food choices and the benefits of raw foods. I never would of expected to have felt the benefits the way I did both emotionally and physically,

In 2014 set up The Live Kitchen where my aim is to educate and demonstrate using my skills of a chef on how to make correct food choices and endorse the benefits of plant based raw foods.

Educate and demonstrate how to plan your meals, make correct food choices,  create recipes for all age groups , families, dietary requirements and illness.

How I felt has to experienced, clear thinking, mental awareness, stronger, skin and hair, better energy and more balanced.